Collection of Autism Parenting Products

ALRIGHTY! Over the years, I've been recommended many products that parents have seen been super helpful to their Autistic kids.

I wanted to put them all in 1 spot to be a great reference for others. I'll be updating this as I learn of more things so feel free to submit information you'd like to share!


Parenting Through Autism: How Our Styles Have Changed

When it comes to making or breaking relationships, I always say parenting & decorating a house will test it. Just my opinion but they feel so accurate to me. Mine & Matt’s relationship has been tested in more ways than one: a major one being Jackson’s diagnosis. As a couple, you can only plan for so many things to test you & we thought Matt being in the Military was going to be one of our biggest hurdles. 

ABA Therapy: Pros & Cons

Since going public with Jackson’s diagnosis & our families journey, I’ve collided paths with LOADS of parents on the the beginning of their very similar journey with their kid. One of the most popular questions I get from these parents is “Do you feel ABA therapy is helping your child?” & without hesitation, I say “YES!” because I believe it is. I know it is!