Collection of Autism Parenting Products

ALRIGHTY! Over the years, I've been recommended many products that parents have seen been super helpful to their Autistic kids.

I wanted to put them all in 1 spot to be a great reference for others. I'll be updating this as I learn of more things so feel free to submit information you'd like to share!


Let's Talk Making Adult Parent Friends - THIS IS HARD!

Let’s talk ADULT PARENT FRIENDS. But I’m not talking just any parent friends.

I’m talking about parent friends of disabled kids. 


9 Things You Should Never Say to an Autism Parent

When you join the “Special Needs Parent'“ club, things that you never considered normal become an everyday occurrence. Routines are longer & more intricate. However, even the smallest thing like a phrase can trigger a parent like you wouldn’t imagine. Now, there are plenty of people that have said every single one of these phrases to me & they’ve been completely harmless. Sometimes people genuinely don’t understand that what they’ve just sad / asked is completely out of line & insensitive. 

To the Parent of A Newly Autism Diagnosed Child

When we got concern at the 18 month wellness check for speech delay, it was a shock. Jackson had always been a chill kid with no signs of any negatives so to be told that he was ‘severely behind’ at a standard wellness check shook me to my core. When we received his Autism diagnosis 4 months later, it was incredibly overwhelming but also very calming. My husband & I had discussed this possibility to the ends of the Earth so to receive the diagnosis answered more questions than bringing more on.