Jessie Lipscomb is a 33 year old Creative and Mother raised on the East Coast and now resides in the PNW. After her oldest child was diagnosed with Autism, she started illustrating custom portraits to afford her son's therapies and the rest is history. 

In her creative work, Jessie has focused on the representation of people of color. As a Mom to 3 young multi-race children, she understands the importance of seeing and teaching with representation. She aims to leave her mark on the world that will continue her legacy to be kind and spread joy, as well as to show her kids they can be successful in life being a Creative. She's had the pleasure to complete campaigns with (RED), local breweries, WNBA team Seattle Storm, as well as be collected in thousands of homes across the country. 

Jessie writes to assist other parents of Autistic children along their journey. She provides resources connects with Autistic adults and works with local therapies to close the gap between just being aware of Autism and celebrating Autism.