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Memorial Illustration Inquiry

Memorial Illustration Inquiry

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Looking for a truly one of a kind illustration with past loved ones in current time? As someone who knows the small sense of peace of having an illustrated version of my own Mom in current photos, this is such an incredible gift. If you’d like to verify your images before ordering, please email me at MOMMALIPSDRAWS@GMAIL.COM.



IMAGE REQUIREMENTS: if orders are placed that blatantly go against these requirements, you will receive an immediate refund.
- If you want to verify an image before ordering, please email first.
- Clear, straight on images
- Preferably standing
- Please attach image when ordering

- 1 High resolution digital file 8x10 file (nothing physical is shipped)
- 3 Editing drafts with watermark [final copy will not have watermark. Additional drafts will cost extra]
- Tan background is standard unless otherwise requested. White circle frame will be automatically added if image provided is cropped weird.

- Specific color background. Please provide the RGB code which can be found at
- White circle frame

- 1 week

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